Saturday, 29 March 2014

Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint

Holy Crap I love this foundation, I'm not buying any other drugstore foundation ever again so long as this is on sale, and there after I will go on the black market  and sell illegal goods to get more of it. 

Okay, now in perspective this is a amazing foundation, BUT it's not going to be for everyone; if you have skin that needs heavier coverage due to acne or similar, or very oily skin then this is not the way to go and you will probably really hate it. However if you have relatively good skin, and dislike heavy foundation then this is the greatest foundation.

I usually like using bb creams or tinted moisturizers rather then foundation because I hate my face feeling heavy or cake like, this is such a thin and light foundation is feels like your just putting some water on your face - it's a foundation that feels refreshing!

The frosted glass bottle is gorgeous and adds to the lightweight feel of the product, the bottle is smaller then average but you honestly need such a tiny amount to cover your face that it's almost ridiculous. Basically just imagine the amount of water you would need to cover your face and you'll have a good estimate of the the amount.

I think some people will dislike the fact that it doesn't have a pump but I'm not sure how well that would work with such an incredibly thin formula but it's not a huge turn of for me.

I was so shocked at how good the coverage on this foundation is, I honestly expected it to be a sheer coverage but it does a fantastic job of evening out skin tone and getting rid of redness. It doesn't looks great over bumps or pimples but it does cover discoloration and any odd pigmentation.

It feels great too, it's a slightly powdery finish, velvet like would be the best description. It stays on for hours, I got 8 hours at least every day that I have worn it. It is important to remember to shake up the bottle before using it and then I have tried many way of applying it and although fingers are probably the best, i have had great success with the RT Stippling brush and to a slightly lesser extent with the RT Expert Face brush.

Seriously this is my new favorite foundation and I ain't going back.