Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review: Maybelline the Rocket

Hello, I  wasn't planning another Mascara review so soon but the day after i put up the Covergirl Flame Out Mascara my mum came home from a trip to Thailand and Singapore and gifted me this one, the Maybelline "the Rocket" Volum (? what's with the weird spelling?) mascara. This is another one that I've hear about quite a bit from UK and US beauty blogs but it's yet to hit our shores. However it was favorably compared to both Flame Out and The Falsies mascaras. Unlike the Covergirl mascara this one is supposed to add volume rather then length.

The packaging is very similar to The Falsies but just blue rather then purple, and peaked at the top to I guess resemble a rocket shape. The brush is like a wider version of the L'Oreal Telescopic, same small "spikes" but a rather large base. Personally I find that it does indeed add volume but it's also quite thick and therefore difficult to remove at night, it tends to clump a bit in corners or among the lashes, almost as if it was a bit sticky. The other issue is that the fatness of the brush base makes it difficult to reach the very base of your lashes, however despite those (numerous) issues the formula does in fact add a lot of blackness and volume and I would personaly probably use it with a different mascara wand or put the formula on a eyelash brush/Brow brush and use that to comb through the lashes without the clumping issue. However that's a lot of work and there are better mascaras out there.


  1. Thanks for giving us an insight into what the future may hold for us Aussies....Maybelline wise ;)
    What a shame that it doesnt perform very well. The wand looks great but I guess the formula kinda lets it down. Nothing worse then a heavy does of mascara that just won't budge at night :(
    How nice of your mum to get it for you :)

    1. The formula is workable, but too much bother in the end I think