Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Review: Burjois Healthy Mix Serum

I've been wanting to try this foundation for ages, I think every blogger and youtube guru that i follow has had this show up at one point or another but I alway kind of balked at the $32 price point, without being sure if i would like it. I also has a bad experience with their flower perfection foundation. (I got a sample and loved it, bought it and it was the heaviest most difficult foundation I have ever used). Still the entire Internet probably couldn't be wrong and I would always pick this up and put it back down every time i went into Priceline. However last week i went into a Friendlies Chemist near my mum's place and there it was, discounted being discontinued at the store and all for the low price of $15! I was a tad concerned it would be too dark (52) rather then my usual 51, but it turned out perfectly fine. That I could work with, so here we are. Discounts like that make me very happy and I'm thrilled to give this a shot.

Being super excited about this I wasted no time trying his on, and have worn it now almost every day for about a week. Admittedly this might not have been the best time to do as it's been one of the hottest heat waves in Perth for a while. However I'm happy to say that despite these less then ideal conditions this foundation withstood the test. It's very smooth, almost watery texture that feels a bit more "silicon smooth" then a liquid foundation. It's not streaky or patchy and I get a great effect with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, it's buffs in quickly and smoothly. 

As you may know I'm a fan of bb creams over foundation as I prefer a lighter coverage, and this fits in so well with that as it is quite a sheer foundation so those with problem skin might want to avoid, I think if your skin leans towards a drier combination this might be a nice one too as i think the gel combined with oily skin might mean the whole thing just slides off.  My skin used to be oily but is now mostly normal with some days leaning towards oily and others towards dry and this works quite well.

Another thing that's great about this is how easy it to use, all the problems I had with their flower perfection foundation are non existent here. In fact it's the exact opposite as it applies like a breeze with a brush, sponge or fingertips and if you have the right color match it will be difficult to cause any mistakes.

I will repurchase this again, though hopefully at a sale price because I still think $32 is a bit much for 30 ml of product, however if it lasts me well then I will consider it turns out you do not need very much as the nice hygienic pump makes it super easy to control how much your using.

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