Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Essence Ticket To Paradise/Beauty Beats

It's been a while since we looked at Essence's new Trend Editions, it took me a while because honestly neither of these collections really did much for me. Let's have a look anyway.

Ticket to Paradise (available in Priceline)

A nice enough summery edition, I picked up the pink lip liner and gloss and I do quite like the liner. the gloss is okay, it has a nice sweet scent but isn't amazing in any way. The shimmer gloss is good if you didn't pick one up from an earlier collection ( i got one from the Breaking Dawn edition last year). I like the teal polish but the eye shadows are sadly disappointing, I always hope they will be like the amazing ones which featured in the Ballerina collection but alas it is not be.

Eye Shadow - 01 dive with me to the island, 02 deep sea baby,and 03 tropical heat
Lip Gloss - 01 sun said red, 02 my treasure island, and 03 dive with me to the island
Lip Liner - 01 sun said red, 02 my treasure island
Nail Polish - 01 dive with me to the island, 02 tropical heat, 03 sun said red, and 04 my treasure island 
Shimmer Powder - 01 tropical heat
Hair Mascara - 01 rumble in the jungle, and 02 dive with me to the island

Beauty Beats (available in Priceline)

Really not my think, the gray nail polish is vaguely interesting but nothing else here really does much for me. I'm sure fans of Justin Bieber will like it but it's not appealing to me. The hair ties are quite good though.

Shimmer Powder - 01 Swaaag! 
Lipgloss - 01 Groupie At Heart, 02 Eenie Meenie and 03 I'm Backstage 
Blush -  01 Groupie At Heart
Nail Polish - 1 Groupie at heart, 02 As long as you love me, 03 I'm Backstage, and 04 Baby, Baby, ooh 
Eyeshadow - 01 Baby, Baby, Ooh!, 02 I'm Backstage and 03 As Long As You Love Me.
Manicure Design transfer solution - and paper print design with pictures of Bieber 
2 in1  eyeliner - 01 The Biggest Fan
Hair ties

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