Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review: Glossy Lip Crayons from Face of Australia

Last year the Sheer Gloss Crayons came out in a cute little 4 pack and I quite liked them for their super glossy texture and how they can just glide onto the lips, undoubtedly the smoothest lip product I own. I admit I kind of forgot about these after the Revlon Kissable balms came out but they really are two different creatures. Now however FoA has brought out some new shades and I just had to try some out. I picked up 4 of the shades that were the most appealing to me; these being the 2 darker somewhat brownish shades, the coral/nude and pink. There's is also a berry purple which i wanted (was sold out)  and a apple red.

Each one smells like a bit like vanilla and last around 2-3 hours but doesn't fade into a dry lip or into patches as it mostly just disappears with no ill effects. Their wind up crayons so there is no issue with wasting product. I think these are awesome for carrying around in your purse as easy out and about application as they are quite sheer so it's difficult to make any mistakes if you don't have a mirror.

Below are swatches of the ones I picked up;

Pecan Pie is very similar  to Sunday from the original collection although comparing the two side by side this one is slightly more Pink where as Sunday was a bit more brown based. Both make perfect my lips but better colors and are great for an everyday neutral look.

Perhaps my favorite of the lot it's like a glossy  balm version of my Illamasqua lipstick in Growl (see a swatch here). It's dark and a little bit goth but it's sheer enough that's it;s not off putting and so easy to wear in this format.

Peach Parafait is a coral/nude shade that is also the only one which has some shimmer to it, it sticks to dry bits on the lips a tad because of that but it still a great neutral color to wear.

Lastly I picked up Raspberry Coulis, which is really more Strawberries and Cream rather then raspberry. By that I mean that it leans much more pink then purple. A nice color for the summer.

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