Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Most Reached for October 2011

Despite my absence this month (which will somewhat continue until my grad show on November 29) i still managed to get a few favorites in, and because of a lack of time three are returns from last month. So let's get to it;

Lush Rose Jam Body Wash(Limited Edition): Only one maybe two washes left and it will be gone forever. Not sure i can bring myself to do it. I can only hope it makes a return one day.

Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter in Ghost Puffs: Reviewd Here. Still just as awesome as last month, and totally in theme for Halloween. The whipped soap and perfume will probably make next month's post nut they arrived a little late to be included this month, plus i didn't have a huge amount of opportunity to wear it.

Haus of Gloi Lip Balm in Spun Sugar: Reviewed Here Smell of candy floss i have found it be be my most reached for gloss when my lips need a bit of r&r, which with looming graduation, portfolio printing, typography competitions etc etc they have been in sore need of as i tend to bite my lip when i get stressed.

NYX Round lipstick in Saturn: Probably my new favorite lipstick, i bought it at the same time as the NYX Lip Creames but was so taken by those that i barely tried this and this month it has been a savior. Rushing around this was my go to lipstick almost everyday and i can't say enough about the color; it's a lovely frosted berry color with the slightest hint of gold. This slight metallic hint gives this lipstick a wonderful 3d effect on the lips and it stays on 6 hrs plus. Will definable repurchase, Massive surprise here.

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara: This has been a lifesaver this month where lots of pictures have been taken for end of year catalogs and such and these do a perfect job of keeping your eyebrows nice looking and not feel crunchy.

Essence Pas de Copper: Reviewed Here.  Best best best eyeshadow, stays on for years and years, super soft to apply (much more so then the eye tattoos) and i would love to see more of these. This will probably my go to eyeshadow for a long time to come)


  1. The Rose Jam shower gel sounds so yummy! When was this limited edition sold?

  2. Sold early last month, it sold out in about two weeks (on line only) Hopefully they it makes a reappearance, i think a Valentines release would be appropriate