Saturday, 10 November 2012

Essence Eyeshadows Overview

Continuing with my love of Essence i thought i might show off some of their eyeshadow, some from their core line and some from trend editions to give you an idea what they are like.

I have in the last few month's acquired quite a few of these; so here's a little run down of what is included; 

1. "Ready for Boarding" Eyeshadow Palette in 01 beauty on tour
2. "50's Girls Reloaded"  Eyeshadow  Duo in 03 come on board captain
3. "Ballerina Collection" 02 Eyeshadow soufflé in 02 pas des copper
4. Core Collection Eyeshadow in "Shimmer" (red)
5. Core Collection Eyeshadow in "Cappuccino, please" (beige)  
6.  Core Collection Eyeshadow in " Mystic Purple" (silver/purple holo)

1.  This one has gotten a bit of hat for not being pigmented enough but with a good base i find it works very well, because they are pastel colors they do have a bit of fall out but not so much that it all disappears. Great for spring and summer, you can get some really nice effects with these and i have found them to stay on most of the day (8 hrs) without fading too much.

2. The 50s collection had some nice eyeshadow duo's, sadly i only found one as it was a very limited release here,  the gold is a very creamy and buttery sort of shadow which goes on very silky while the blue has a bit more fallout but the color more then makes up for it. These are nowhere near as chalky or pale as the previous collections and are much more pigmented (one swatch above) but i find they stay on a bit less (maybe 6 hrs rather then 8) and don't fade quite as cleanly, these ones leave more obvious bold spots.

1. Shimmer | 2. Cappuccino, please! | 3. Mystic Purple | 4. Pas Des Copper

Essence Pas Des Copper compared to the Maybelline Eye Tattoos. 

3. Pas Des Copper i have talked about endlessly before, it's the only creme eyeshadow from 
Essence I've so far come across and it's a dream in everyday; long lasting, non creasing, smooth and easy application; it doesn't catch on skin or melt off in heat. It everything you want or will ever need in an eyeshadow including amazing color pay off. Sadly it was a trend edition, can only hope for more in the same formula.

4/5/6. The Core line is pretty damn solid for the price tag; you'll find some gems and some duds but mostly you'll find good quality for a most reasonable price.

Shimmer as you can see i have used a lot, it recently made for some great makeup for a Halloween costume and stayed on all night through some hefty company and heat. It's not hugely pigmented but for a red on your eyes ou probably don't want it to be. It will build nicely however if that's the look your going for, Slightly on the chalky side however.

Cappuccino, please! is a wonderful, soft and nicely pigmented honey beige that i have seen others compare as a dupe for MAC's very popular "Shroom".  I don't own Shrrom so i can't judge that but its a point to keep in mind; great for neutral looks, base color or eyebrow highlight. Great everyday eyeshadow, can't recommend it more.  (The pan in the picture is new as i had to replace my old one)

Mystic Purple, my very first eyeshadow from Essence; i was lured by the holo claims and also the crazy color on this thing. It's not really holo but it is a duochrome. As you can see in the pan it looks like a silvery-lavender but on the swatch it shines through with a lovely iridescent lilac. Not greatly pigmented but very easy to apply and a lovely color, just be sure to use a eyeshadow base for this one.

So if you haven't yet i strongly suggest giving these a try, at the very least try Cappuccino! For $3 you can't really go wrong! Also if your lucky enough to have it go give you  Pas Des Copper eyeshadow a little hug :) 

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