Friday, 16 November 2012

My Makeup Storage

I always enjoy seeing how other people deal with storing/handling their makeup stash, therefore since i have recently reached what i feel might be the zenith of what one of my drawers can hold it seemed like a good time to share.

My makeup used to fit into my side of the bathroom cabinet but shortly before i started blogging my collection was...overflowing into my boyfriends side of things, so after doing a bit of research i picked up a clear plastic set of drawers from Officeworks, i believe it cost around $20 and also came in white.

So the first drawer contains my eyeshadows and blushes. The ones visible here are;

Maybeline Eye Tattoos (5) | Essence Cream Eyeshadows (2) | Essence Powder Eyeshadows (4) |
Essence Cream Blushes (2) | Burjois Blushes (2) | Essence Powder Blushes (1) | NARS blush (1) | BD Blush (1) | Revlon Eyeshadow Set (1) | Prestige Eyeshadow Set (2) | Chi Chi Eyeshadow Pigments (1)

There is also a Australis red eyeshadows set underneath the Revlon. 

Second drawer is for all things lipsticks, lipgloss, lipliner, eyeliners, mascaras and those sorts of things. The lipsticks that live here are ones that are currently out of my main rotation or are too dark or too something for everyday wear. Here is what we can see;

Korres concealer pen (1) | Face of Australia lip crayons (2) | Revlon just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms (3) | NYX Lip Creams (2) | Essence Lip Creams (2) | Essence Lip Gloss (2) | Essence Lipstick (1) |Revlon Lipstick (1) | Sportsgirl Lipstick (1) | Wet n Wild Lipstick (1) | Revlon Lipbutters (2) | Avon Lipstick (1) | Revlon Mascara (1) | Essence Mascrara (1) | Burjois Mascara (1) | Essence Eyeshadow Primer (1)| Maybeline Mascara (1) | Essence Eyeliners (2) | Essence Lipliner (3) |Lipsmacker Gloss (2)

Drawer 3 is th one that I'm looking to change up, my house and bathroom is quite tiny so I've been trying to think up a better way to store these. For now however my brushes and random nick-nacks live here.

Here we have

Real Techniques Blush Brush (1) | Eco Tools Brushes (6) | Chi Chi Brushes (2) | Random Unknown Brushes (4) | Burjois Puff (1) Essence Eyebrow kit (1) | Essence Gel Eyeliner (1) | Korres Eyeshadow (1) | Essence eyebrow brush (1) | Ecotools Brush Travel bag (1)

Lastly we have th Foundation and Powder drawer that also takes whatever is too weird a size for the other drawers.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Collection (8) | Chi Chi Translucent Powder (1) | Essence Concealer (1) | Burjois concealer (1) | Physician's Formula Face Powder (3) | Chi Chi Kabuki Brush (1) | Foundation Sponge (1) | Revlon Powder (1) | Garnier BB Cream (2) | Covergirl Blush (1) |Burjois Flower Foundation (1) | Watsons BB Cream (1) | Essence Eyeshadow Set (1) | Essence Eyeshadow pigments (2) | Burjois Primer (1) | BD Primer (1)

Annnnnnd..... last but not least is my main lipstick stand and my lip balms next to the case. The one i currently use the most; Lancome Rose Defile, Revlon Soft Rose, Lipstick Queen Medieval, NYX Saturn and Tea rose, Mac Creme de la Femme, Rimmel 21, and two random Revlon colors in caramel and plum.

The lip balms sitting there are Haus if Gloi Spun Sugar and Korres Quince and Wild Rose.

So that's most of my stuff, there are other bits and pieces that float around the house, lip balms especially and a few other favorites in my purse/makeup bag. S

o if you see anything you wanna know more about drop a comment, or if you have another cool storage post/video i would love to see it!


  1. Love storage posts!!! That's a very impressive collection you've got there!

  2. I store my makeup pretty similarly haha :) nice pictures :D

  3. I store mine in little plastic drawers I got from kmart, but I might have to pick some officeworks ones up next, as mine's overflowing too! I have to store my lippies and blush in empty bellaboxes that I've placed on the keyboard drawer (my "makeup" table is an ex-computer table).

    For my brushes, I bought the acrylic brush holder from makeupbox store online for $25 delivered. Absolutely love it :)

  4. I have the same drawers! It's so convenient as is surprisingly able to hold quite a lot! Great blog too btw :)

  5. I love how you store everything! All my makeup is chucked haphazardly in two wicker baskets underneath a table..which I realise is a terrible storage solution, but it's super convenient :)

  6. Wish i could store my nail polishes just as well, they tend to overflow onto any available table...