Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Purple Shiny Mani

Hello just a quickie today; this is the mani I've been sporting all week and it's only now just starting to fall apart. This is NFU 51 over A England Avalon and i must say it's quite a gorgeous combination.

More specifically this is 2 coats of Avalon (first coat is a little thin) and 2 coats of NFU, one would probably have been fine too but i was going for something a little more bang. I never really thought i would get my hands on any of the NFU stuff till i saw Crush cosmetics ships them now and i was sold. Out of the entire range i think this is the most beloved and i think it's clear why.

I've tried it over Revlon Royal and it's also pretty awesome, kind of like a super ramped up version of mystic fire, just with flakes rather then glitter but same sort of color pay off. 

I'm also very pleased with Avalon, in  fact the entire A-England range i got has treated me very well, not sure if I'm as interested in their new stuff though, it's all very very dark, but their re-release of holy grail might just be the clincher.

In other news i'm almost done with my school stuff, so regular posts should be back soon :)


  1. This is too pretty <3 it looks almost holographic!

    1. The flakes in the polish do have a holographic quality to them, just one of the reasons this polish is so gorgeous.