Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hello, still doing crazy school hours for the next month (graduation) so i apologize once more for my sporadic posting schedule.  However tomorrow I'm on my way to the city so i should be able to pick up some new Essence stuffs = happy.

To help deal with the massive workload currently assaulting me i have been trying to cut out some distractions from my life for the next month, that in a big way includes my nails; which i love to do all the time even when it's totally not necessary and just wastes time and the repeated use of nail polish almost daily wrecks my nails. It's a circle of distraction really; to combat this i purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "360 Laced Up". This wasn't my first go at this product so i felt pretty safe going in and though that coming up to Christmas maybe some of you might want to cut down on the prep time too.

So these are dry nail polish strips that you attach to your nails and they stay on for longer then your average nail polish; at least 2-3 weeks up to a month or longer if your lucky. Having tried these before i got two weeks easy before i lost patience and wanted new nail polishes on, but when i removed it, it was still in perfect condition.

The pack comes with 16 nail polish strips, instruction pamphlet, a min nail file, and a orange stick. The orange stick is pretty invaluable in the very hassle free process. The process is pretty simple;

1 - pick which strip fits which nail (both sides work depending on cuticle shape)
2 - clean and buff your nails
3-  one by one peel of the clear layer on top and the sticky layer on the bottom
4 - place onto nail and press down
5- smooth out with pressure and orange stick
6 - file of excess nail polish

It's easy and requires no heating or gluing; the entire process takes about 20 -30 minutes if your not distracted, took me about 45 minutes because i was playing a game at the time. Doesn't take much concentration. They feel like real nail polish; because it is; you remove it with nail polish remover and smell very faintly of nail polish but it's not overwhelming. And yes, you can put top coat or whatever else you want on top; just treat it like regular long lasting nail polish.

Seriously easy and lots of very pretty designs; plus they are currently on special at Priceline for $11 rather usual $15.Also if your quick you might still find some of the cute halloween ones.


  1. I got a sample of these a while ago and loved it. This is such a great pattern here too!


  2. I know, i had love letter before. There so many cute ones, im sad i missed the little Halloween ghosts :)

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