Thursday, 29 November 2012

Revlon Lip Balms Stains finally arrive in Australia

Finally, these have finally made their way down to our shores. (Previous review here) so to celebrate this i thought i would do a second review on a few more colors i picked up, also Priceline is currently doing a 2 for 1 deal on all Revlon products so hopefully this might help some people out who might be sitting on the fence about the price (17.95 each).

So in addition to the fairly neutral Honey and the two dark pinks i picked up earlier i decided to get something in the more red range as I've been interested in trying to wear more red lip "stuff". In this vein i initially picked up Romantic (with my priceline munny voucher yay) and really really liked how wearable it was as a red shade, just slightly on the orange spectrum it really just shows up as a true red when the color wears and is replaced by the stain.

Since i saw that there was the 2 for 1 deal i was very tempted by the other red shade "Adore" but wasn't too sure what other one to pick up. However the lovley swatches over at "sleep and water" convinced me that Precious was the obvious choice, and i am not sorry.

Romantic | Adore | Precious

I'm totally in love with Precious so I've neglected Adore a little bit, but its basically a deeper more purple tinted red. These ones also don't seem to be as drying as i initially found Honey to be, i think in the end it was my lips bad condition that was causing the issue not the balm itself. So these are really winning me over now, they are so easy to use and carry around. I keep Honey in my pencil case at school :)

So if you haven't tried these yet, now is a great time to find out.

BTW on a more personal note i graduated today so there should be more regular posts from this week on :)


  1. Congrats on graduating! I am loving precious and sweetheart from this range :D

  2. Congratulations on graduating!! xx

  3. Congrats on graduating! You deserve to celebrate such a personal milestone :) Glad you like Precious - it's a really wearable, everyday colour :)

    1. It really is, I've always been a little weary of nude colors but it's just so easy to wear!