Monday, 10 December 2012

Review: Models Prefer Mattifying Primer

I recently started running low on my first primer i ever got; the Burjois Flower Silicone Primer so i decided to go looking for something similar but maybe with a tad more usability; the Burjois primer is in a tub and you have to dig it out with your fingers; not great. I loved the use of silicon in the primer however; it gave the most wonderful silky smooth feeling and meant that my foundation could just glide on.

The reason i choose to test out the Models Prefer brand primer is for several reasons; the brand has been showing up more and more as i read through various blogs so i was interested.  I also liked the idea of a mattifying primer as i hate to look shiny, just very unappealing to me. Thirdly, Models Prefer was at the time doing a gift if you spend i think over $20 or $25 so a nice way to try out the brand. (I picked up this and a eyebrow pencil to get a free eyeshadow duo)

The primer is a clear gel consistency and goes on incredibly smooth, one pump is usually enough to suffice as it spreads out a lot when you massage it in. It does a pretty decent job in terms of mattifying your complexion but i found that i could use a touch up maybe 6 hours in but for me that's not a huge problem.

I found this quite impressive for the price, it obviously decreased shine, helped reduce pore appearance and make my make up go on super easy and clearly made it last longer. I was happily surprised. The only down side i guess is that the bottle is a little small but price wise i think it probably makes sense. Also, i love the fact it's silicone based but i know this is a problem for some people so be aware of that.

I think for the coming heat of the summer or those going to the beach for the holidays this would be a great primer to help keep the shine down, it makes your makeup stay on surprisingly well and doesn't have a waxy effect I've noticed in some other primers. Perhaps not the greatest primer in the world but by far not the worst, and for only $12.95 (Priceline) it's certainly worth a try if your looking for something like this.

What's your favorite primer?


  1. My favourite primer is the one by Proactiv Solution Smoothing Primer. I have the Maybelline one, but I hate it.

  2. Thanks for this review :)
    I really need to get a primer haha

  3. I love this stuff. I found it very comparable to the smashbox photo finish primer!

  4. I'll definitely try this! I use Smashbox Photofinish but this would be a great cheaper alternative!!

    1. While i was doing some research on this primer a lot of bloggers compared it to the Smashbox version, so i hope it works out for you!