Monday, 31 December 2012

Review: Models Prefer Eyeshadow in Bronzed Belle Duo

I got this eyeshadow as a freebie when i purchased the Primer from Models Prefer so i really had no idea what i was getting into with this; was it going to be a terrible chalk fest or a reasonable eyeshadow?

Overall after having used this a few times the pigmentation is really quite awesome, especially if you use your finger for application, the colors work quite well together as it;s basically a highlighting shade paired with a darker shade for contouring and both colors are quite pretty and fairly neutral.

I would say this eyeshadow is decent and  as i said the pigmentation is impressible, when applied dry it does have a few transferability issues but applied wet or with a good eye primer i don't have the same issues. For $12.99 you can probably do better but you can certainly do worse.

What do you think of  the Models Prefer stuff?

P.S. Have a Happy New Year!

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