Monday, 17 December 2012

Review: Essence Grumpy Prince Charming

So with Christmas (read: Christmas Shoppers) everywhere it's been difficult to get my hands on all the polishes i wanted from the Snow White Essence collection, in the end i have ended up getting all but one that i want (02 The Huntsmen, the shiny gold topper).

I'm not too surprised to see that one gone all over the place as it's so very Christmas-sy. But so is this combination that i wanted; this is Essence Snow White 03 Prince Charming over 02 Grumpy.

02 Grumpy has a nice texture leaning slightly toward the thin side, it required the standard two coats; the first was a little watery and dull but the second really made the color pop. It's a really beautiful blue, almost reminds me of Revlon Royal just without the jelly finish.

03 Prince Charming is a gorgeous top coats; holographic glitters with small blue hexagonal glitter suspended in a clear base. Really Gorgeous i hope everyone can get their hands on it. I had no trouble applying this and it didn't require a lot of effort to get the blue hexagons out of the bottle. 2 Coats of this too.

What's are your favorite holiday nailpolishes?

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  1. That looks so pretty.
    I love Essence polishes, but have a hard time getting them at my Target store. The new releases sell out really quickly and they never restock them :-(