Friday, 28 December 2012

Review: FoA Mineral Therapy Illuminator (Angel Fire)

So previously we looked at NARS well known Orgasm blush, and since it's expensive i previously spent some time looking for alternatives and this is probably the best i found and even now that i own the NARS version i will continue to use this one as well since as i quite like the texture and the color pay off is very nice.

This is the Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in the shade Angel Fire, there is also a regular white Illuminator, a slightly more orange variation and a bronzer as well in the range. I'm not always great with Illuminators on their own so i primarily bought this to use as a blush and it works very well lasting about 5-6 hours longer if you put a little powder on top.

I have to say this is a very impressive product, if just for the size and color; 50ml of product for $14.95. Being an illuminator or blush that amount will last you for years, possible your grandchildren will be inheriting this product. The color pay off is wonderful, you can blend it away as much as you like for a subtle look or a bit less so for a very amped up golden peach glow.

Suprised i havent seen this before to be honest, just sort of randomly came across it at Priceline, though i do not recall seeing them earlier so i don't know if they are brand new (i suspect not) or just making a come back but very much worth a look if your looking for something interesting to add to your make up pile :)


  1. I have this and the nars one and I kind of hate this one :( it emphasizes any redness in my cheeks and I can't have that! I love the pearl one though.

    1. Hmm maybe something wrong with the application? I usually just dab a little bit on with my fingertips otherwise it tends not to blend out enough and yes does look kinda red :( Glad you like the other one though :)