Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Review: NARS Orgasm

Ah now that some of the Christmas crazy is passed it's time to get back to (maybe?) some semblance of normality. Either way as some of you may recall one of the items i was hoping to get for Christmas was the NARS most wanted/most loved blush in Orgasm. I'm sure you've seen this reviewed a million times so i won't go into huge detail, but I'm so happy with it and it really is superior to any dupe for this product i have found.

Honestly the color is beautiful and i know that it can be/and is mimicked by many many other blushes however the real difference between this product and the dupes in the quality. Every other "version" i have tried the blush tends to be quite hard where as this is wonderfully soft and takes no work at all to apply. 

The product is just incredibly soft, and although a few months ago i wasn't sure about how shiny Orgasm was (and at the time got Deep Throat instead) however after swatching it several times at Mecca i couldn't quite let it go.

I'm almost quite sad that this product is as good as it is, as i would have loved to be able to come and say "hah forget high end brands my regular Blushes are just as good", however since I'm by no means rich I think i will keep my dreams of an expanded NARS collection limited to Christmas and Birthdays. So if you can find/afford ($45 AUD)  this i recommend it like crazy if not then there will be another post up in a day or two with a pretty good alternative :).

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  1. I got a mini of this for christmas :) It's so pretty!