Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Review: Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

I considered weather or not to post this review since i don't generally like to say bad things and i know for a fact this product works for some people, but not for me. In the end, as you can see i figure a bad review is just as useful (if not more so) then a good one.

I got these about three months ago and for most of that time they were my go to make up removing wipes, because for the same reason we all use them; easy, fast, no fuss. Honestly for the first three weeks or so i really liked this product and had no issues with it until i started getting lower and lower in the container, this was when i began to notice that my skin on my cheeks and forehead would start to feel tingly and the lower i got in the container the more it started to hurt.

I should state; i do not have sensitive skin. For the most part my skin will take whatever is thrown at it and either shrug it off or bounce back pretty fast, i can count the number of times my skin has been irritated by a cosmetic/skincare product on one hand (it's three by the way).

Considering these are supposed to be hypoallergenic i feel this is a big problem for the product, before posting this i also looked at some other reviews and it seems I'm not the only one to find this so. However some people seem to swear by these so i can only assume some manner of skin type is immune to the sting.

On the upside it does  a decent job removing most make up but has trouble with eye makeup, it smells nicely of cucumbers though the smell is a little more artificial of similarly scented products.
The best part is probably the little container lid sitting on top of the regular wipes, it means your wipes don't dry out as fast, the sticky plastic doesn't get all gummed up and it's much easier to handle and use. 

I'm not familiar with the other versions of this, i've head that Yes to Blueberries is above average but based on this experience I'm not eager to try it. At the moment i;m very happy with my Dove foam make up removing cleanser.

Have you tried these?


  1. I tried these and it felt my skin was burning I was not sure if the cloth being to rough or the stuff on it. I threw them straight in the bin. I can't believe the company is saying this is suited for sensitive skin.

  2. Oh no I've tried these too and I didn't have any issues with sensitivity. What a pity!