Friday, 5 October 2012

Review: Peeling Day in Honey Black Sugar

Coming from the FaceShop today is Peeling Day in Honey Black Sugar variety (the others are White Jewel, and Water in Pomegranate) . It's part cleanser and part face peel and though it's not exactly what i thought it was when i purchased it ( i assumed it work similar to the White Jewel version which turns into tiny "bits" which are used in the exfoliation process). This one is closer to a traditional exfoliation scrub and seems pretty strong so i can't recommend using it more then twice a week or less if you have sensitive skin.

My skin is not particularity sensitive, the only product that comes to mind to have caused me irritation in recent months was the Covergirl cream eyeshadow (in Champaign). But when i use this i think i understand some of what sensitive girls have to go through with their skincare.

It heats up my cheeks and turns them a bit red which i would think is bad for me but then it doesn't go any further then that and the results are fantastic. Clean, smooth and glowing.

I'm quite surprise that this worked as well as it did, it feels very thick and heavy but a little goes a long way and you don't need a huge amount to cover you face so it will last a while, it smells sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The main scent is the black sugar.

I've used this for about two weeks now and love it, i have to stop myself from using it too much and over exfoliate. It reminds me of DIY at home type honey masks but on the plus side you don't have a mess of clean up to deal with. I think i will try one of the other Peeling Day ...scrubs next but i would definetley go back to this one. 

I used to use the St Ives Scrubs but they were a little too rough for me, this is the perfect amount of roughness without causing pain and still rough enough that it does a spectacular job on actually cleaning your pores and softening up your skin. For $19 this was a pretty amazing purchase.


  1. Ooh, this looks lovely! The FaceShop seems like a really cool shop :)

    1. yeah, I'm really disappointed that the one near my house is closing down