Wednesday, 24 October 2012

App Review: Kairosoft Pocket Clothier

As i mentioned i currently don't have a lot of time on hands for makeup and the pretty things, but what i do have is time on public transport when my hands get itchy to do something (mostly to drown out the sort of people that frequent public transport; you know the ones i mean the mass of giggling girls or drunk guys detailing their latest scores or hipsters referring to things as being "Aweso"). No one needs that.

So being a major game geek i tend to spend the time playing app games on my phone. One company i particularly love is Kairosoft, a Japanese company that releases a game about every 2-3 months on either the Android or IOS.

Their games may not be for everyone but for those who fall in love with them, well, let's just say they fall hard. There are entire web communities dedicated to trying to guess what the next game will be and when it will be out.

The games i suppose have somewhat of a cult status, and there is one for everyone. Released so far on IOS have been; Game Dev Story (Run a game company), Pocket Academy (run a high school), Hot Springs Story (run a spa), Grand Prix Story (run a racing company), Oh Edo Town (run a edo period town), Venture Town (run a modern city), Pocket League Story (run a soccer league), Mega Mall (run a mall), Epic Astro Story (run a space colony), Dungeon Village (run a medieval town), Cafeteria Nepponica (run a cafe) and released on the 19th Pocket Clothier (run a clothing shop). There is also a lite version of all these to try for free.

All these games are a little similar, they are kind of like a combination of The Sims and Sim City where your in control of some sort of company and your goal is to make the little people happy and your shop/cafe/town/high school successful. Once you start it's very hard to stop. So if your on the look out for a new app to try i highly recommend one of these.

P.s. There are a few different games available on the Android such as World Cruise Story 

Have Fun!

What apps do you like?

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  1. Love games from Kairosoft!! I couldn't help but pay for these games too :S haha