Sunday, 14 July 2013

KKCentralHk ES False Eyelashes

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A little while ago i was contacted by KKCentralHk to review some false eye lashes for them, i thought this would be fun since i hadn't done of a review of this type of product yet, and let me tell you why; i almost never wear false eyelashes because my own lashes are actually quite long (yeah i know, woe is me) which makes wearing an extra set of lashes kind of uncomfortable so i tend to save it for special occasions, on top of that i had never tried these types of "fancy" lashes. That is, ones that don't mimic lashes but create unique and fancy patterns. So for the purpose of having some fun i choose the Honey Butterfly Rose Paper Lashes  and the the Bright Peacock Paper Lashes. Basically one was a set of roses and vines and the other was a set of peacock feather like lashes, both of them made of paper and fairly stiff to the touch.

As you can see these lashes are quite long, and will more then likely need to be cut down to fit properly, also when due to the way they are packaged the edges have a small amount of glue on them to make then stick to the raised section in the box meaning those parts of the lashes may be a bit difficult to use and i recommend simply cutting them away rather then dealing with "extra glue".

My first attempt with the rose lashes i did not heed my own advice and so the corners of these had the extra glue and ended up poking me in the eye, though i think that's really my own inexperience showing it's colors here. The edge on these was a bit stiff but it this seemed to help align it with my own lashes. I decided to do this test without any other eye makeup except a little eyeliner to help blend the lash line with the rest of my eye so it didn't stand out quite so much, but as you can see it was still quite obvious, these lashes aren't subtle and there is no reason to think they will be. Initially i wasn't sure how i felt about these lashes as because of the extra glue and my own misplacement they were a bit uncomfortable and poked me in the eye a bit, 

However with my new alteration my second use of these was much more satisfying and i think a lot more fun.

Firstly i started of doing a full set of eye makeup (Maybelline color tattoo in bold gold with Mac Star Violet and Amber Lights and Face of Australia black eyeliner), i was inspired by Iron Man at the time :) This is without any mascara and here you can see the massive change these lashes exhibit.

After the glue gave me a little trouble (as you can see on the left eye) these lashes actually sat very smoothly and didn't cause me any discomfort which I admit had been a concern as they are quite big though not actually heavy. A little bit of patience meant i was able to get both sets to look quite good together and sit quite evenly and cleanly. Below are a few photos at different angles so you can see how lovely these patterns can be.

The removal process was also very easy and both times the lashes did not tear and i was able to reuse them once again after the initial application, they stayed on well all night and i got a ton of compliments. Perhaps not the best lashes for everyday (unless your a pop star) but very fun for special events or costume dress. I can imagine quite a few new year or Halloween looks that would be fun with these.

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  1. Awesome. Good timing, because I'm due to review the Swallow set like this soon and wasn't quite sure what to expect. ^^

    1. yeah i was a little concerned to begin with but it turned out pretty fun :)