Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review: Essence all about matt!

Hey, i'm in Melbourne right now! Woot, if you have know any cool places to visit let me know in the comments below. Now, todays review is about one of Essence's new line products the "all about matt" essence powder which as the name suggests is a matt-yfying compact powder. It's a quite hefty at 8.0g and feels like it's got a lot of product in there, it also seems to be quite popular as this was the last one of the shelf when i picked it up.

It has a very nice clean and simple look, with a very subtle line design raised in the powder that takes a while to disappear because honestly you do not need a lot of this product, personally my forehead gets a bit oily toward the end of the day and even just one swipe of this makes it disappear where as applying it in the morning slows down the process significantly, but it should probably be limited to use only on areas that need it otherwise it might be a bit heavy, plus if it's not necessary why bother?

It's a white powder in the compact but on your skin, unless your particularly dark it becomes transparent especially if it's applied over foundation. It's quite nice and i can see it lasting for a long time, so if you have trouble with oily or shiny skin this is the product for you.


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  2. Ohh, I like. Pity Essence products seem to pop up at such weird times on displays here. My local Priceline is still doing the Snow White collection, while the local Target has the hand-creams.