Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Blogger Award

Hello Everyone, this is my second time putting up this post as for some inexplicable reason Blogger deleted the fist version. Crazy stuff. Anyhow, I wanted to spread a bit of happiness around since we're coming into the holiday season. I recently received the Versatile blogger award from Gemma over at the Lady Sapphire Blog (thank you so much)  and wanted to do something a little more then share the same award a lot of the bloggers that I personally appreciate have received a thousand times. 

So I 'm here to introduce my new award for blogs that inspire you in one way or another and this is just a way to to let someone know that they are doing a great job, and that their works helps to inspire others. The rules are simple, nominate at least 3 people (more if you feel generous) and tell everyone why they inspire you. Then let them know so they can share the love.

So since Gemma inspired me to come up with this idea she will be my first nominee, if you go check out her blog it's full of a great variety of stuff, personally I love seeing stuff different to just the latest drug store releases and her blog is wonderful for that. So go check it out here.

My second nominee is the Beautifully Glossy blog, her Friday posts have me rolling around in my seat and her showcase of lip balms will make you lust to go and fill your stash too.

My third nominee is Mishelle's Sleepy Time blog which I love for it's wonderful excitement and dedication, this girl's enthusiasm comes though in every post, so if your feeling in a blogging slump this is where i would point you to go.

Well i said three at a minimum, but I want to make an additional acceptation bu also nominating the Born to Buy blog, her showcase of Spehora stuff, MAC stuff just to name a few always makes me green with envy but this bloggers good humor and great range are a winning combination.

Thank you to all these wonderful ladies and their extraordinary blogs :) 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, it was really sweet of you :D

  2. Thank you so much Agnieszka. This is a beautiful award and I love the thought that will go into it.

    Guess what? I nominated you straight back xxx