Saturday, 30 November 2013

Empties: November 2013

End of November, almost Christmas time :) Even better yesterday was the PS4 Australian release so that's going on. Let's jump into it then shall we?

Maybelline Dream Pure BB for Oily Skin
reviewed here
+++ repurchase: no
One of the better BB cream's I have tried, if not for the fact that it didn't turn my skin super oily after a few hours it would be a winner. I might try the regular version and see if that has a similar effect on me.

Ponds Flawless White BB+
reviewed here
+++++ repurchase: yes
My favorite and most easily available bb cream, has the slightly ashy coloration of the original bb creams, lasts ages and fades naturally. A favorite

Burjois Flower Perfection Primer
+++ repurchase: no
This was my first ever primer, and the product that really introduced me to the concept. It's small size is actually why it took me so long to finish, i didn't want to go buy another one for the price so I really made it last. Over the past few months I finally used this up which did not take long as other primers have made their way into my life and I'm okay letting this go.  Heavy flower scent, thick texture, probably better for more mature skin.

Essence Marble Mania Mascara
++ repurchase: no
This was from the Marble Mania trend edition about a year back (yeah yeah 3 months mascara blah blah) and i picked it up to check out how the marbled effect would work, it's supposed to be a black mascara with silver shimmer. I saw no silver shimmer, it's dried up and gross now so bin it goes.

Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara
++ repurchase: no
I picked this up when it was first introduced as i was intrigued by the concept but it didn't really do it for me, the brush i really don't like as it's impossible to get lower lashes. It smudged when first applied and then i had a terrible time getting it off in the evening. No thanks.

Softlips spf 20 Raspberry Lip Balm
++++ repurchase: maybe
Got this one during a stress day at school last year and used it a lot when i was out and about, it smelled like raspberry and had a pleasant cooling sensation. This always felt like a bit of a treat to use. If i see it again i will pick it up but I also have a lot of lip balms so I'm in no rush.

Nice'n ease Color Condition Gloss
++++ repurchase: yes
I wish they would sell these separates and not just as part of the coloring kit, this was a really nice conditioner and I usually hate the included ones as they feel quite cheap. The Nice'n Easy coloring kits are by far my favorite too, the best part is that after the first shower the color doesn't leak all over your shower.

Swisspers Cotton Wipes
+++++ repurchase: yes
A staple. No more need be said.

Rexona Delicious Long Lasting Protection Deodorant
+++ repurchase : no
It's an alright deodorant that smells nice, but it seems to run out quite fast.


  1. We got our PS4 yesterday :) I love the maybelline BB cream but it lasts all day on me!

  2. Great collection of empties :) The raspberry lip balm sounds yummy. I'm still waiting for my PS4 :'( it's pre-ordered but probably won't get it until Christmas.