Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Australis See Ya Later Nailpolish Remover

Ah, to find a good nail polish remover is halfway to victory. Now when it comes to nail polish remover i am not picky, i don't care if it has acetone, actually i prefer it because i know it will work. Having seen and heard some good things about this one i decided to give it a try, and it' well it's alright. It is not the holy grail of polish remover but it isn't the devil either. All in all it's kind of average, though i did find a few things that annoyed me;

1) It's sticky?! What? How can nail polish be sticky? I don't know but it is, i do not like handling the bottle because it always feels like its covered in a layer of honey. Not great

2) The bottle is small, not an issue for most people but my usual nail polish remover is the pink one from Gloss, which is about twice the size of this.

3) It uh..smells sweet. Not like sugary sweet but not a sharp acetone smell either. I guess it should make it better but i find it kind putting i guess. I suspect this is the reason for the stickiness.

4) The bottle design, it has a small hole on the top and it leaks, its not very easy to put onto a cotton pad or napkin, and i find it always seem to leak around the edges of the lid. No thank you.

Maybe it's alright for some people who don't do alot of nail polish removal, if you only pain your nails once a month it's fine. The actual removal of nail polish is fine, not magical but acceptable. Otherwise find a better one. I recommend asking for the pink one at Gloss.

What's your favorite nail polish remover?

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