Sunday, 24 February 2013

Choosing Urban Decay Naked 2

 It's mine now, i has it! I'm so excited, I've been waiting for it to arrive, i was so down about it taking so long to arrive i barely posted anything at all last month hoping i could do this post! This one, right here! Who doesn't love Naked! hmmm...with UD Naked and NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat I'm beginning to think there might be some kind of conspiracy here.

I thought long and hard about how to present this "review", it really is almost unnecessary, there are millions of reviews for the UD pallets out there, so i thought i would discuss the process of actually choosing one (along with some sexy shots of the N2), since it seems a lot of people who get into beauty stuff eventually arrive at the decision to buy one. Sometimes after years of trying dupes and finally deciding the money is worth it to have the real thing.

In my case eye makeup has never come naturally to me, anything more complicated then mascara and a single color was really beyond me, but over the past year I've been learning a lot (with still a lot to go) and decided that i wanted to take the plunge now rather than buy 30 odd products searching for something great when a million and one bloggers have already pointed the right way.


So as you can see i went with UD N2, over N1 and over the Basic (see below) which were really the only strong contenders. Now if you not aware, this product seems to largely not be available in Australia so more then likely you will have to make your purchase on line. (for reference i choose BeautyBay because free delivery one of my hot words for on line purchasing) It's about $50 either way.

Since this is realistically the most i have ever spent on a makeup product i knew it required some research and here are the basics reasons (some quite superficial) as to what guided my decision and may realistically help someone else;

Naked - the "cult" item , this is the one everyone talks about and it really does carry that fame around with it, warmer colors, casing is not as well built, UD primer potion included (another cult item), large size item, includes blue-ish tones.

Naked 2 - less "cult" status, cooler tones, the black suffers some fallout, comes with a minty lipgloss,  double sided brush, and mirror. This one is housed in a somewhat sturdier metal tin.

Naked Basics - an item i was completely unaware of until i started the search, this includes a few colors from each and two unique but similar shades to those found in 2. A much smaller and cheaper product  ($30), no included product or brush.

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to choose any one of them, i quickly discounted the small Basics because i knew i wanted a bigger product and for a long time seriously considered the Naked(1) because it was the original and it came with the coveted primer potion but honestly, and this was a hard choice, the colors were not really me. Too warm, almost orange in some, and the two random blue tones did not suit my needs, i would buy it for the awesomeness of owning it and then never use anything but the primer potion and two colors.

So it was the Naked 2 for me, and if your facing this same choice at some point i recommend consider which colors you will actually use, of course there is nothing wrong with getting both, but personally i don;have the kind of money to just throw it away on two items that are so very similar. Otherwise maybe the Basics is a good place to start.

Either way you will not go wrong, these eyeshadow really are buttery smooth and are the most amazing eyeshadows i have ever used. So if you have a birthday coming up or want to treat yourself...well this is a very fine treat indeed.

Which one have/would you choose?

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