Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review: Veet Easy Wax Variety

 * The following product was submitted freely for review by the company in question, therefore this is a sponsored post. That does not impact the authenticity of the review below. none of the links are paid links and are provided only for convenience.

About a month and a half ago I was contacted by a company representing Veet inquiring if I would like to test out some of their products and since I have been in a bit of a blogging funk (feeling very uninspired lately) I was totally up for doing something a bit different. The fact that it was shaving stuff was an added bonus because in the Winter (now) my bathroom is freezing and shaving my legs there is the exact opposite of a fun time.

So the stuff I have been testing out was; the Veet Easy Wax electrical roll on kit, the Veet hair removal cream, and the Ready to Use Wax strips, i'll go through them one at a time.

The idea is that you slot the wax into the holder and let it heat up for 20-25 minutes, apply to fuzzy area, apply strip, hold the skin tight and yank away. If your a fan of waxing then this is very much makes the process easier in that you don't have to mess around with wax heating and cooling while your using it, messy spatulas and basically mess everywhere.

The kit includes the stand/docking station, wax holder, wax refill, perfect finishing wipes, some linen(?) strips, and power cable.

I don't usually use waxing being more of razor girl, but like I said the freezing bathroom has discouraged me from venturing in there for any longer then is strictly necessary so I was happy to try this. After perusing the kit for a bit of time I plugged it in and waited 20 minutes.....then waited 15 more for the wax to be warm and smooth enough to properly go through the roller so a bit longer then the packaging promised. Be sure to wait the enough time and not try do it too soon or the wax will be warm and mobile but not the correct consistency and will just kind of resemble a melted crayola crayon, you want a more liquid consistency.

After that the process was fairly simple and pretty painless (basically the same kind of pain you get yanking out eyebrows, just all at once). The amount says it lasts 4 sessions and that's probably quite close ut I would say closer to three since you need to test the wax a few times before you get the right consistency, though with more practice you would probably know better how long it takes to heat up to your perfect consistency.

Lucky I was doing only one leg (I saved the other leg for the other two products) because I would not have had enough strips to do the other but I have hear of people using old cut up cotton shirts or I guess you can just buy some extras. I would use this again but probably only if the next two options weren't available, as they proved way more awesome.

The Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream which no lie is totally awesome, and i will 100% repurchase as it was done in about 15 minutes (while the wax kit was still heating up), it smelled a little bad but not unbearably so and it's far from your nose so it really made no difference to me.

It comes in a large plastic tube with a spatula, you spread the cream on the hair (even little hairs get effected). It doesn't have to be very thick either so you get quite a bit of run for your money, wait 5-8 minutes, turn the spatula around and scrape it off. Completely painless, and super fast.

This was my absolute favorite of the three and if you don't like shaving or waxing then this a clear winner.

Lucky last was the Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips which are two clear strips with wax between them, you warm these in your hands by rubbing them for a few minutes, separate them, apply to shaving area, pat down and then yank away again. I found these much quicker to work with then the kit and the wax seemed to grab on a bit better too. It's a little boring having to warm the strips as you can't really tell when they are warm enough. 

However I think these would be great for those hard to reach ankle areas or as a travel shaving since it's problematic to travel with razors or wax and the cream might take a bit of space and requires a little more room and towels then this would which you can just apply and tear away and your done in less then 5 minutes.

Each shaving box came with the perfect finishing wipes which were actually surprisingly nice and certainly felt a little indulgent as they smell nice and do a good job of getting rid of extra wax or cream and help calm down any sensitivity. Speaking of which I only experienced a few red bumps from the EasyWax kit which went away after about 2 hours, the other two caused no issues whatsoever, which is nice as they were marketed as sensitive skin type.

In the future I think I will stick to the hair removal cream, and take the wax strips travelling with me.

If you are interested you can find these items at their official site here or at your local Priceline, among numerous other places.


  1. I am a waxer and I think The veet wax kit is sooo convenient and it saves me heaps of money. I dont have to go to a salon. Yay!

    1. Glad to know other people get lot of use out of it !