Saturday, 21 December 2013

Review: MAC Wedge Eyeshadow

Keeping up with the luxury feel for Christmas season i thought I would show of another MAC product, this one has been a fan favorite for a long time and it's numerous appearances are what convinced me to get it. Wedge is a matte warm brown slightly taupe eyeshadow, it's quite pale and a little hard so it takes a bit of effort to get onto your brush.  It is however great as a crease color or as a transition shade. It's a staple in many collections.

I do like the color but the texture was a little disappointing; it seemed quite hard and difficult to get any pigment off without scratching the surface just a touch, not sure if I just got a bad batch or something because I've seen stellar reviews of this and I'm just a little sad that mine didn't live up to them.

Have you had a similar experience with a product that has great reviews but just doesn't click for you?


  1. Oh no hun what a shame it didnt perform very well. I was going to say how I'd love to own it because of its nice natural kind of shade. It would be great as casual wear. Boo MAC!
    I've had a very similar experience with those Rimmel Apocalips lippies. Everyone else seems to love them but I really dont like them that much. I bought two and wont buy any more.

  2. Hi I am a new follower :) love your blog :)
    Oh I do hate that. I remember buying a maybelline lipstick for my highschool grad. It was a medium vintage pink kind of colour and it just didn't have any staying power. thank goodness it wasn't too different from my own lipcolour or it would have been noticeable in the photos.